Project objectives

  • Complete Design of Beluga 24-FC Vessel
  • Fitting Vessel with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology
  • Construction of first Beluga 24-FC green hydrogen powered Vessel
  • Define Serial Production Process
  • Full Scale Demonstrator in a real operational environment
  • Market Development – New Opportunities secured
  • Integration of Intellectual Property Management
  • Awareness Raising and Dissemination
  • Create Engagement and interest from new investors
  • Organizational Development Objectives

Project impact

TECOW contributes to the EU Green Deal the EU Hydrogen Strategy, The EU Smart Mobility Strategy and the EU Baltic Sea Strategy as well as the UN Sustainability Goals: 

Each vessel that replaces a diesel-driven catamaran will annually save around 2 000 tons of CO2 (and 22 tons of NOx and 2,8 tons of PM).

The vessels will operate with an energy cost that is 40 – 60 % less than a traditional diesel driven high-speed catamaran.

TECOW will allow us to Seize new market and business opportunities in the EU and beyond.

TECOW will enable us to create the new know-how to operate serial production of these ferries

The development of the Beluga 24 solution will create new opportunities for specialised shipyards across the EU.

The new Beluga 24-FC will continue to contribute to EUs global leadership in sustainable mobility solutions.